SRJC ALERT: Text and Email Alerts

All current students’ emails and cell phone numbers are automatically uploaded into the District’s emergency notification system known as SRJC ALERT.  If you hear from a student who is not receiving these alerts, please direct them to check with Admissions & Records to confirm their contact information is up-to-date.

Employees’ work email accounts are automatically entered into the alert system. However, due to privacy laws, we require employees to opt-in to receive text alerts on their personal devices. The District recommends employees opt-in to receive SRJC’s emergency text alerts on their personal cell phone numbers through the Escape Employee Online Portal. Opting in will allow the District to provide potentially lifesaving notifications via text in the event of a disaster or emergency should one affect SRJC.

The District can also broadcast messages through the Cisco phone system, which enables audible alerts through the speakerphone in the event of an emergency, in addition to sending text and email alerts.


To sign up for Emergency Alerts from the district: