SRJC Safe Return to Campus

Positive Cases

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 and have not been present on District property within the past 14 days should notify their supervising administrator/supervisor and the District COVID Incident Response Coordinator at as soon as possible.

Employees who test positive for COVID-19 and have been present on District property within the past 14 days must notify their supervising administrator/supervisor and the District COVID Incident Response Coordinator at immediately

COVID Response Team

The District has created a COVID Response Team to respond to positive COVID cases that have been on-site. This includes:

  • Cabinet Vice Presidents: Gene Durand, Robert  Ethington, Robert Holcomb, and Kate Jolley
  • Department Administrators
  • District COVID Officer: Kate Jolley
  • Human Resources: Robin McHale
  • Student Health Services: Rebecca Norwick
  • Public Information Officer: Sarah Laggos
  • Coordinator, COVID Incident Response
  • Superintendent/President: Angèlica Garcia

Supervising Administrator/Supervisor Responsibilities

A supervising administrator/supervisor who receives a report of a confirmed case of COVID-19 should prepare an incident report containing all relevant facts, including:

  • Overview of personal protective equipment (PPE) and protocols followed
  • Details of positive case person’s symptoms and testing date
  • Contact(s) the positive case person had on campus, including dates, sites, buildings, and rooms accessed and contact (within six feet for a cumulative total of at least 15 minutes over a 24-hour period) with others for the 14 days preceding the test date.
  • To whom the case was reported by the person who has tested positive and all actions are taken.

Under SB1159, the District must provide information to its insurance provider within three (3) business days of receiving notification of a confirmed positive case if the employee has been onsite. This includes reporting the testing date, the dates the employee accessed District sites, the locations that were accessed, and the number of other employees that potentially had contact with the positive case person.

SB85 requires the District to notify any employee (and their exclusive bargaining representative) or contractor that was at the same worksite as a confirmed positive case during the infectious period. This notification must be done within ONE (1) business day after receiving notice that a person with a laboratory-confirmed case of COVID-19 was at the worksite during the person’s infectious period.

If there are three or more confirmed cases within a two-week period, the County Public Health Officer must also be notified within 48 hours of an “outbreak”.


SRJC COVID-19 Quarantine and Self-Isolation Guidelines

If you have tested positive or been exposed to someone who has tested positive for COVID-19, please email

SRJC will require anyone coming to an SRJC campus or site who has tested positive for COVID-19 to remain off campus until cleared by Student Health Services.

Anyone regardless of vaccination status, who has been exposed to COVID-19 may return to campus in accordance with current CDC and CDPH guidelines:

  • Quarantine is not needed- You can come to campus
  • TEST within 3-5 days of last exposure – Rapid tests are available on the Santa Rosa Campus by calling 707-527-4445 for an appointment. PCR testing is available on all sites.
  • Wear a well-fitting mask around others for 10 days from the last date of exposure
  • If Symptoms develop TEST and STAY HOME

Persons who have recovered from COVID-19 in the last 90 days, regardless of vaccination status, are not required to test after exposure unless symptomatic.

*Exposure is defined as sharing the same indoor airspace, for a cumulative total of 15 minutes or more over a 24-hour period, during an infected person's infectious period, regardless of whether individuals involved were wearing masks or were vaccinated.

This applies to all employees, students, volunteers, and visitors.

Considerations for Partial or Total Closures

All onsite operations, including instruction, must have a plan for alternative instructional or service delivery in case of partial or total closure.

In the event of an outbreak, the District will implement the processes and protocols in accordance with California Department of Public Health guidelines. A COVID-19 outbreak exists if, within 14 calendar days, one of the following occurs at a specific place of employment (defined as the building or facility where the employee performs work at the District’s direction and excludes the employee’s home):

  • If there are 100 employees or fewer at a specific place of employment and 4 employees test positive for COVID-19;
  • If there are more than 100 employees at a specific place of employment, 4% of the number of employees who reported to the specific place of employment, test positive for COVID; or A specific place of employment is ordered to close by a local public health department, the State Department of Public Health or the Division of Occupational Safety and Health due to a risk of infection with COVID-19

If district operational protocols were not followed, or upon recommendation from a local public health official, the area must be closed in accordance with guidelines.


Campus Notifications

If an individual reports a positive lab test for COVID-19, confirmed by a public health agency, and has been on an SRJC site, the District will comply with all notification requirements. This will be a campus-wide notification that will be archived and publicly available on the District’s website here.

For more information on how to protect yourself against the Coronavirus (COVID-19), please visit the CDC website


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