Report an Injury or Illness


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For Injuries or Illnesses Requiring Urgent or Emergency Medical Attention
  1. Call District Police at 707-527-1000 (or 911 if needed) to request assistance and Emergency Services (Paramedics) to transport injured employees for medical care.
  2. Inform District Police if an environmental or facility hazard is present.
  3. Assign another employee or bystander as “Post” at an appropriate campus entrance to direct paramedics.
  4. Provide First Aid or CPR/AED, as needed and according to your comfort level.
  5. Obtain or fill out online illness or injury info from injured/ill persons (if possible).
  6. Turn care over to paramedics upon arrival.
  7. Contact SRJC Human Resources Department (HR) at 707-524-1624 to support notification of injured/ill person’s emergency contacts (as possible).
  8. All seriously ill or injured SRJC employees requiring urgent or hospital medical care MUST BE transported from SRJC locations by ambulance for appropriate medical care. If the injured employee chooses to refuse transport by ambulance and opt instead for transport for medical treatment by friend or family, the injured employee must sign a release and get the required approvals from District management. Injured employees will not be transported to medical care by another District employee either by district or private vehicle unless approved in advance by District management.
  9. The supervisor of the injured employee is required to notify HR and complete a Supervisor’s Report of Injury within eight hours of any employee injury.
  10. If the injury involves a needle, the Supervisor should also complete a Sharps Injury Report and a Training/Work Related Injury/Exposure Treatment Authorization form and fax it to HR at 707-527-4967.


Injury and Illness Management and Reporting

SRJC has specific procedures in place for managing the safety and well-being of all district employees, students, and visitors in the event you experience an injury or illness on any SRJC-owned or leased location.

Students, Visitors, and District Employees who experience or witness an injury or illness on District Property, or at a District-Sponsored event, should complete an Incident Report Form (Incident Form) as soon as practical. To complete the Incident Form please select the Incident Report button located at the upper right corner of this webpage.

OSHA defines a near miss as an incident in which no property was damaged and no personal injury was sustained, but where, given a slight shift in time or position, damage or injury easily could have occurred.

SRJC employees include: Management, Classified Staff, Faculty, STNCs, Professional Experts, Student Employees, Volunteers, and any Health Occupations Students injured at clinical sites (outside of the classroom).

Please contact us at for questions related to SRJC’s Injury or Illness Management and Reporting process.